A spot of bother


Don't bother about it,it will be OK.别为这件事烦心了 会没事的。

flat  平的  公寓  block 街区 block of flats  公寓楼

I was glad to be back at the block of flats where i lived. 我回到我住的公寓楼,很高兴。The 30 minutes long walking had tied me,and my notebook bag had grown heavier with every step of the way home. 三十分钟的步行把我搞得精疲力尽,我感觉笔记本是越走越重了。

In the lift her thoughts were an lunch and a good rest.在电梯里她想着午餐和好好休息一下。

lift 电梯 举起  thought n 想法 思考 关心的 her thoughts 她想到的

She was thinking that she must reprimand her home help the next moring for such a monstrous piece of negligence.

She was thinking that  她心想

reprimand 训斥  monstrous 巨大的 可怕的 negligence 疏忽 大意

turn the key in the lock  in the door 用钥匙锁上门

hall 客厅 进门的大厅 会堂

practice 练习 实践,惯例 习惯  regular pracitce 老规矩 惯例的

drawing room 客厅 writing desk 写字台

confusion 混乱 a scene of confusion 一片混乱 一片狼藉

It was as clear as daylight then that burglars had forced an entry during her absence.

it is as clear as daylight 事情很清楚

burglar 夜贼 force an entry 闯入 during her absence 趁他不在时

Her first impulse was …她的第一反应就是 impulse 推动

be prudent 谨慎的  fetch the porter 去把看门人找来 porter 搬运工 门房 看门人 fetch 去取得 去拿来 去得到

tremble n&v  战栗 发抖 her legs were beginning to tremble 她的两腿开始发抖。

composure 镇静 沉着 keep your composure 要沉着 沉住气 lose one's composure沉不住气了 with great composure 处之坦然 坦然自若的

lurk 潜藏 埋伏 intruder 入侵者 hinder 妨碍 给制造麻烦

The chaos was inconceivable.混乱是无法想象的 conceivable 可想象的 可想到的 inconceivble 不可想象的 conceive 想象 构想 怀孕 构思


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